NAUTILUS Gallery in Nowa Huta
01 January 2019r. Kraków - Nowa Huta, Os. Górali 24

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It's time for change! Already at the end of this year, the Nautilus Gallery will open a new chapter history that last over a quarter of a century! The changes are getting big, for many they may seem surprising and bold. For us, however, it is a hopeful and enthusiastic step into the future, because Nautilus flows into new waters!

The NAUTILUS Gallery invites you to Nowa Huta, to a new headquarters located in the wonderful, cultural neighborhood of the Ludowy Theater and the C. K. Norwid Culture Center, the iconic studio cinema "Sfinks" and the newly opened gallery "Huta sztuki". The gallery will be located on the ground floor of a residential block built in 1950-1953 in Górali 24 housing development, in the premises of the former Ludowa Restaurant, later - a furniture store. Modern exhibition space uses original elements of the interior layout - beautiful floristic metalwork decorating and a geometric two-tone terrazzo on the floor.

At present, the advantages of modern construction, spatial planning, as well as the richness of the cultural offer of Nowa Huta are becoming more and more obvious. The center of the district, around the Central Square, the Avenue of Roses and the Ludowy Theater, gather more and more cultural institutions, galleries and museums. Interesting, difficult, cruel, and at times amusing heritage of socialist realism, meets here with a new cultural and social reality. Nowa Huta, an earlier model of Podgórze and Zabłocie, becomes just a very fashionable and desirable district, both as a place to live and to spend free time. Huta attracts old and young courageous people, interesting initiatives, crazy ideas. This is a place of exceptional festivals, music, art, theater and good cuisine.