Wiesław Obrzydowski. Wild Cracow.
23 May 2019r. - 08 June 2019r.
NAUTILUS Gallery, Os. Górali 24, Kraków
Wiesław Obrzydowski was a unique Krakow artist who - thanks to his individual, radical artistic search - has found his place in the canon of Polish modern art. He has been counted among the representatives of the "new expression" and considered the precursor of transawangarda. The exhibition "Wild Cracow" in the NAUTILUS Gallery is the first exhibition of the artist's works presenting - among other works - such a large vedut band of his hometown. Colorful, expressive views of alleys, streets, church towers, squares and tenements, half-timbered have been presented in the modern gallery space of Nowa Huta. The exhibition "Wild Cracow" is a struggle and symbiosis of contrasts: the traditional theme of urban prospects transformed in a spirit of joyful, sincere expressionism, as well as the context in which the exhibition is presented - Nowa Huta - a new city that grew up from the ground 70 years ago in the neighborhood, but also in opposition to Old Krakow.
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