High-class works of art can be purchased at our Gallery rooms in Krakow, during one of our auctions or through our online shop.



A complete list of lots is always published on the website a few weeks in advance, under the tab “Current Auctions”; at the same time a printed auction catalogue and can be ordered by filling out an order form or bought directly at the Gallery.

Auctions are usually held on Saturdays and previews are held Monday to Friday in the week directly preceding the auction. During that time, the painting, prints, drawings and sculptures are available for close inspection so you can to find out more about them than the catalogue or website information.


If you decide to take part in the auction personally, a few minutes before it begins and on prior registration at the counter you will receive a peddle with your unique number.

The simplest way to register as a bidder is to fill our the absentee bid form available on our website, which is where you can define fast and comfortably your bidding limit for a selected lot. If you prefer not to use the online absentee bid form, send a written bid order early enough by post or fax. State the lot number, the maker’s name, the first words of the title and your bidding limit. Please note that bidding orders will be accepted no later than 24 hours before the auction begins. Your offer will become valid once a staff member of the Gallery confirms receipt of it. During the auction, the person in charge of absentee bids will place bids on your behalf up to your bidding limit.

Telephone bidding is only possible on prior notice given to us (24 hours in advance) for lots with the opening price equal or higher than PLN 1,000. You can bid live in the auction through the agency of an employee of the Auction House.

Please note that each time you register to bid means you will accept the opening price if no other bids are received.


During the bidding process the auctioneer calls out the lots, usually in the same order as in the auction catalogue, and the opening prices. If you wish to buy a specific item, signal it by raising your paddle.

The auctioneer will then propose a bid raised by the increment and wait for the reaction of the other buyers. If nobody else is interested, you will get the item at the price you bid.

However, if the bid proposed by the auctioneer is accepted by another bidder, the process starts again and you will need to place a bid higher by one more increment in order to continue bidding.

Bidding continues until nobody can pay a price higher than the current bid, and the bidder whose bid turns out the highest, is the winner.


Please note that the Auction House adds 15 % buyer’s premium to the hammer price.

If you bid personally, the price can be calculated and paid immediately after the auction and you can take the lots home.

If you absentee bid or bid by telephone, the Auction House will send a full payment calculation including postage or courier costs, together with payment instructions to the e-mail address provided. You are required to make the payment for the lots you successfully bid for within seven days of the auction date. When the payment is posted to its account, the Auction House will send the lots to you to the address most convenient for you.

DISCLAIMER: The guidelines above are not the terms and conditions of bidding, which you will need to read and accept at filing your order.


Are you looking for artworks by your favourite maker, or representing a style or subject you like? Ask the gallery staff about available works. Similarly, if your viewed our offer on the Net and something caught your attention but you cannot find it in the gallery. Mind you, not all artworks are on display at the same time. A large portion of our offer is temporarily in the gallery’s storerooms.

For more information see FAQs.

A visit to the gallery is an irreplaceable opportunity to see face to face a work of art which interacts with the viewer much more powerfully in direct contact than on the screen of a computer or page in a catalogue.

By talking to an assistant in the gallery you also get an chance to find out new facts or verify your knowledge of the history of a piece, its artistic, historical or investment value, state of preservation or even the selection of an appropriate frame.

If you make a buying decision, we accept not only cash transactions but also payments by card. At purchase you get a fiscal receipt, or, on request, a tax invoice, and a certificate of authenticity. You need to be aware that some works of art additionally require special documents for exports abroad, so if such is your intention, please inform the gallery assistant.

You can take the item you buy home immediately. If needed, we can arrange transportation or send it by post or courier to an address you indicate, postage pre-paid.

Leaving your contact details and collecting preferences may turn out very helpful for you and for us as well. With that information, we can prepare individual offers for you in the future.


If you have found a painting, drawing, print or sculpture of interest, you can view more details by clicking on the „Read more” box, which will take you to the item’s page. You can ask about the object or add it to your cart from this level or from the list level, using a button on the right.

You will find a rich selection of high-class works of fine art under the „Offer” tab. For more efficient searches narrow down your selection by sorting object lists by filter or category.

As a next step you can either continue shopping or complete the purchase by clicking on “Sum up” from the cart level. That will take you to the payment calculation panel. If you are logged in, you can then select the delivery address and the method of delivery and payment. If you have not logged in or are not a registered user and have no account yet, a mandatory log in window will come up prior to finalising the transaction, offering an option to set up a user account. The next steps will be the same as for registered users.